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NOTE:  If you can read this line of text then the black back ground to this page didn't load.  95% of the text is colored so don't worry about it too much.  The stuff in white is all Fan Speculation and stuff from the Benny Novels.  You can read the white text by "selecting it" with your mouse.  I'll try to get this problem fixed.

    The following color code and terms are used:
information from the TV Series
                    (Including the Dimensions in Time, and Universal/BCC Telemovie, Scream of the Shalka)
information from the Novels and Audio Dramas
                    (Virgin, BCC, Big Finish,I Who - which isn't a novel but it's source material is)
information from The Infinity Doctors and some of Cold Fusion
                  (I put  The Infinity Doctors as 8th Doctor sidetrip.  I admit I could be wrong.)
information from deliberately created alternate version of Doctor Who
                  (The Unbound Series, Death Comes to Time (Zagreus strongly implies that DCTT is an alternate Gallifrey the Rassilon deliberatly negated))
information from 'licensed' reference sources
                    (The Technical Manual, Monsters, and The Gallifrey Chronicles)
information from 'unreliable' sources:
                    (FASA's role-playing game, the Nth Doctor, Destiny of the Doctors (I don't trust them either, but you never know))
information from unofficial sources
                    ( Lawrence Miles' books, the Benny adventures)
information from speculative sources
                    (my own speculation, and other fan speculation.  Includes ideas from sites listed on my home page.)

?                  The event occurred approximately in this interval.
??               A pretty wild guess as to when this event took place.


While I hesitate to call Craig a close friend (we hadn’t done more then debate continuity for over a year) I was very sad to learn of his death.  For me Craig was…

        *An Idol: He routinely did what I only dreamed of – wrote Doctor Who novels.  And he was friends with people like Andy Lane, Justin Richards, and Gary Russell and if that isn’t sitting among the gods…..

        *A Friend: He cheered me up when I was down and vice versa.  He mention my wife and me in the text and the acknowledgments of “Synthespians[TM].”  And for a few mad weeks we were both planning on attending each others weddings!

        *A Mentor: He proof read my early drafts of the TARDIS Technical Index and told me that it should be something better and nicer then just another page on my rather sloppy website.

        *An Advocate: He had several conversations with Justin Richards of BBC Books about getting the TARDIS Technical Index published.

        * A Writing Partner: I test read and offered suggestions for “Excelis Decays.”  The fact that he took many of these suggestions to heart gave me some small chance to affect the creation of licensed Dr. Who direction – something which will always be a high point in my life.

  The Life Spans of the Doctor's various incarnations
Body                                                     Life Span
The Other                                           200 years? (-200 LD? to 9 LD)
-7th Doctor (Christopher Barry)         600 years? (-4,500? to -3,900?)
-6th Doctor (George Gallacio)            600 years? (-3,900? to -3,300?)
-5th Doctor (Robert Banks Stewart)   600 years? (-3,300? to -2,700?)
-4th Doctor (Phillip Hinchcliffe)           700 years? (-2,700? to -2,000?)
-3rd Doctor (Douglas Camfield)         500 years? (-2,000? to -1,500?)
-2nd Doctor (Graeme Harper)            500 years? (-1,500? to -1,000?)
-1st Doctor (Robert Holmes)              500 years? (-1,000? to -500?)
0th Doctor (Chris Baker)                    500 years? (-500? to -1)
1st Doctor (William Hartnel)               448 years (0 to 448)
2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughten)          52 years (448 to 500)
3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee)                    248 years (500 to 748)
4th Doctor (Tom Baker)                      92 years (748 to 840)
5th Doctor (Peter Davison)                 11 years (840 to 851)
6th Doctor (Colin Baker)                    102 years (851 to 953)
7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)            56 years (953 to 1,009)
8th Doctor mark I  (Paul McGann)     257 years (1,009 to 1266)
8th Doctor mark II (Paul McGann)     740~ years (0 to 740?)
War Doctor (John Hurt)                      40~ years (740? to 784~)
9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)     100~ years (784? to 901)
10th Doctor mark I (David Tennant)   2 years (901 to 903)
10th Doctor mark II (David Tennant)  3 years (903 to 906)
11th Doctor (Matt Smith)                    1,249~ years (906 to 2,155~)
12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi)                ? years (2,155 to ?)
Merlin                                                  ??
Muldwych / Merlin                              At least 1000 years old
Curator (Tom Baker)                           Probably several centuries
Valyard (Michael Jayston)                    Possibly over 1000 years?
Final Doctor (Sylvester Mccoy)           ??

The Lord Presidents of Gallifrey
(Updated 5/16/2014!)

The number next to the name indicates how many Presidents Gallifrey has had at this point.  The notes that follow outline how they gained power and how they lost it.  For more details do a word search in the appropriate timeline. 

Rassilon - 1
     Rassilon (full name Rassil Onasti Prydonius) is a member of the Prydon Chapter.  He is probably comes from the House of Fordfarding. Took power from the 508th Pythia in year -23.96.  The first and only President to hold the title Lord High President.  Pandad invokes the Right of Challenge against Rassilon and Rassilon retires around year 950.  

Pandad - 2
   This Prydonian took over from Rassilon after his retirment around year 950.  

Pandak I - 3??
    Pandak I was one of the 6 founding Heros of Gallifrey, and served as President when Rassilon was entombed in 1573.  
Right after Rassilon was entombed several people try to become Lord President and a civil war almost occurs.  

Pandak II - ??
    Pandak II was Lord President long before the Doctor's time.  

Tegorak - ??
    The Arcalian Tegorak (translates as Black Mountain) becomes Lord President in the year
149,750 after fighting off the Sybarils.  At only 330 years old, Tegorak is the youngest Time Lord to serve as President.  In the year 149,800 the Matrix Lords (led by Rassilon) trap Tegorak to prevent his conquest of all the systems of the Kasterborus Sector.

Mundat III - ??
     Mundat III had worked his way up from the Chancellery guard.  He might have been an

Sabjatrik and Rungar - N/A
    299,159 years after the Eye is created
Sabjatrik and Rungar were prydonian Time Lords.  These brothers usurped the power of the Lord President, and waged a war on the other people of Gallifrey and dragged Gallifrey down into a second dark age.  (Like Scintilla and Salyavin) Sabjartrik and Rungar were considered to be among the Ancient Outlaws.  

Pandorastrumnelliahanfloriana (formerly known as Pengallia) - ??
    156,381 years before the birth of the Doctor the Time Lady Pandorastrumnelliahanfloriana (Pandora) becames the first female President.  Pandora took the title Imperiatrix and overthrew the traditions of Rassilon.  After a civil war Pandora was executed via D-Mat dispersal 10 years after becoming President.  

Torkal - ??
    Torkal the Great becomes Lord President of Gallifrey.  His term in office is second only to Rassilon in legendary greatness.  This could be the particularly successful Lord President who resigned
99,000 years before the Doctor is born.

Thorac - N/A
    15,367 years before the Time War begins a schism occurs in the College of Cardinals.  Cardinal Thorac sets himself up as a renagade president on the planet Drornid.  The Time Lords us an Attack of Ignorance on Drornid to force him to return to Gallifrey.  

Pandad II? - ??
Thousands of years before Azmeal leaves Gallifrey, a Prydonian named Pandad II becomes President.  He will die in an accident no more then 200 years after being elected. 

Helron - ??
After the accidental death of Pandad, the Patrxian, Helron, declares himself to be the new President Elect.  He is elected and eventually inagurated.  

Humpcheck - N/A
    Humpcheck the Frail becomes President of Gallifrey.  He drops dead of food poisoning before finishing his acceptance speech and is forced to regenerate.  
This probably occurs less than 9,000 years before the Doctor is born. 

Pandak III - ??
    Pandak the III ruled for 900 years, making him one of the longest serving Presidents in the last 10,000 years.  This probably occurs less then 9,000 years before the Doctor's bith.  He is eventually murdered in the Panoptican.  

Pandak VIII - ??
Pandak the 8th is President.  This probably occurs less 7000 years before the Doctor's birth.

Cholem - ??
    Less then 7000 years before the Doctor leaves Gallifrey, President Cholem dies from slipping on the Panopticon steps and splitting his head open.

?? - ??        
    Several centuries before Trial of the Valeyard an Arcalian will serve as Lord President.  From this point until Trial of the Valeyard (and beyond) all Presidents will be Prydonian or Patrexies.  

Rosieh - ??
    Less then 7000 years before the Doctor leaves Gallifrey, President Rosiehwas poisoned by his own food taster.

Pundat I - 398??
    A Time Lord named Pundat I becomes President.
 President Pundat I has the Constitution re-written to give each President the right to name their successor.  He hopes to set up a dynasty where only Time Lords of his House can become President.      

Kylantha I - 399??
    Kylantha I was a female Lord President when Wildthyme's application to the Time Academy was rejected.  

Mazwen - 400?
96 years before the events of Lungbarrow
Hofwinter becoems Surveillance Actuary in the Space/Time Accession Bureau.  At this point Mazwen the Last is in Office.

Drall - 401?
     Drall takes over
as the President of Gallifrey (probably) when the Doctor is around 70 years old.  He was wounded by the Rani's mice.  He was replaced after the Doctor graduated.

- 402?

     Morbius of the Patrexian Newblood House of Dvora is elected President when the Doctor is 282 years old.   He is deposed and exiled a little over 3 years later, and becomes the First Time Lord to be vaporised.  

Saran - N/A?
    Acting President Saran the Patrexian becomes President Elect in the aftermath of Morbius's exile.  He tries (and probably fails) to create a United Planet Organization to ensure peace in the Galaxy.  
He was replaced by his cousin Pundat III

Pundat III - 403
     Pundat III, cousin to Pundat III, becomes the
President of Gallifrey when the Doctor is around 290 years old.  He institutes several new anti-intervention policies and is very upopular with the students at the Academy.  He names Pandad VIII (aka Slan) as his successor and dies of stress when the Doctor is about 341. 

Pandad VIII (aka Slan) - 404
      The corrupt Pandad VIII (aka Slan) becomes President Elect of Gallifrey.  His lack of popularity leads to a coup attempt which in the catalyst for the Doctor going renegade.  The Prydonian students beleive they can restore Rassilon's Law and make Lady Larn (Susan) President of Gallifrey.  Brax and the Master conspire to kill President Elect Pandad VIII (aka Slann) when the Doctor is 342 years old.  Slann had named the Doctor as his successor but the Doctor has already renegaded.  

Eldhind - 405
       When the Doctor is 342 tears old
 the Prydonian Eldhind (aka Pandad IV aka Pandar V) is elected President of Gallifrey, but it will take years for his inaguration to be arranged.  This is the last time a presidential election will be held until the events of Mindbomb. He is assassinated by Chancellor Goth when the Doctor is 750 years old.  The Doctor becomes President Elect.

Greyjan - 406
    When the other two canidates withdraw, Greyjan the Sane becomes President when the Doctor is 752 years old. 
He commits scuicide after 3 years of being President.

The Doctor - 407
    When he is 756 years old, the Doctor becomes President on a technicality since he was legally the President Elect after the assassination of President Eldhind.  He leaves Gallifrey naming Borusa as his successor. 

Borusa - 408
    The Prydonian Borusa becomes
President when the Doctor is 759 years old.  Borusa plots to become President Eternal.  When the Doctor is about 849 years old Borusa plays the Game of Rassilon and is turned into living immortal stone.  

The Doctor - 409
    After Borusa is removed The High Council exercises its emergency powers and elects the Doctor as the new President when he is about 849 years old.  He names Chancellor Flavia is named Acting-President before he leaves Gallifrey.   The Doctor is deposed for neglecting his duties 6 years later.

Flavia - 410
    When the Doctor is about 868 the Prydonian Flavia becomes the 410th Lady President of Gallifrey.  She is deposed in a rigged election.

Niroc - 411
    Niroc becomes President in an election that was rigged by the CIA.  He is responsible for the Ravolox Stratagem.  When he is 901 years old a Committee of Inquiry is started by the Doctor which leads to an attempted coup by the CIA.  Borusa returns and holds power as an Acting President until President Flavia is re-elected.  

Flavia - 412
    When the Doctor is 901 years old Flavia is re-elected to be Lady President.  When the Doctor is 1001 years old Romana invokes the Right of Challenge against Flavia.  Flavia loses the election.  

Romanadvoratrelundar - 413
    When the Doctor is 1001 years old
the Newblood Prydonian from the House of Heartshaven  Romanadvoratrelundar invokes the Right of Challenge against Flavia.  She wins with a 53% vote and is appointed to the office of Lady President.  In preperation for the coming Time War she decrees the implementation of the Nine Homeworld Project when the Doctor is 1056 years old.  Each of these nine clones of Gallifrey has its own President who appear to believe that they are ruling the original Gallifrey.  Romana's sudden absence from the other Homeworlds is explained by a hasty resignation.

The 'original' Gallifrey destroyed at the beginning of Time War.
The Infinity Doctors, The Apocalypse Element, the Gallifrey audios, and The Ancestor Cell)

   Romana becomes Mistress of the Nine Gallifreys when the Doctor is 1056 years old.  Romana is elected President of the Gallifrey located in the Kasterborous Sector.  At the time of Romana’s Election the roles of President and Chancellor are combined.  She implements many changes to Gallifrey including ending its isolationism.  Given that one of the major reasons of the Nine Homeworlds Project is to protect the original Gallifrey by providing potential decoy, it is unlikely that the Kasterborous Gallifrey is the original Gallifrey.   Only a few weeks after her election Roman (and 300 other Time Lords) are kidnapped by the Daleks. 

The President - 414
    A former President is appointed President of Romana's Gallifrey during her 20 year absence.

Romanadvoratrelundar - 413 (continued)
    After being a prisoner of the Daleks for 20 years Romana escapes and saves her Gallifrey from a Dalek invasion.  She resumes her position as president of Gallifrey.  When the Doctor is about 1081 Inquisitor Darkel invokes the Right of Challange against Romana. 
Under the laws of the Book of the Old Time Romana declares herself Imperiatrix and has the Chapters and the High Council dissolved.  She is the first Imperiatrix since Pandora.  To stop the Panoptican from being bombed Romana allows Pandora in the form of Romana's first incarnation.  Pandora leads a successful coup.

Pandorastrumnelliahanfloriana (Pandora) - 416 (later negated)
    After escaping the Matrix, Pandor leads a coup and assums the presidency when the Doctor is 1081 year old.  This starts a civil war on Gallifrey.  A few months later Romana's bodyguard Leela kills Pandora's body and Romana deletes the Matrix to kill Pandora's mind. 

Valyestreandurnomar - 417  (later negated)
    Lord Valyes assumes the position of Acting-President while Romana recovers from the Civil War.   After a vote of no-confidence Romana steps down as Lady President and names her third incarnation as her successor.  However Darkel has Romana imprisoned and Matthias and Darkel both declare themselves canidates for the Presidential Election.  The Emergency High Council has all of President Romana's actions since Pandora escaped (Relative Date 17-11-9-0-1.557) recinded.  This means that Braxiatal is now Chancellor once again.  He claims the position of Lord President of Gallifrey. 

Irving Braxiatel - 418 (later negated)
Chancellor Braxiatel (formerly of the House of Lungbarrow) becomes President by default since Romana has been inprisoned.  Brax tricks Darkel into killing herself and then steps down, naming Matthias as his successor to be the next Lord President of Gallifey.

Matthiascivandren - 419
(later negated)
    Former Vice-President Matthias becomes President after Brax names him is successor.  By this point a huge percentage of the population has been infected by the dogma virus.  Because of his controversial decisions and their consequences, Matthias had to retire without naming his successor.  

Romanadvoratrelundar - 413
      Romana becomes President again when the biodate of every surviving Gallifreyan is re-set back to before Pandora coup.  
Romanadvoratrelundar is given the title War Queen of Gallifrey.  When the Doctor is 1151 years old President Romana undergoes her Reaffirmation Ceremony.  The recreated Greyjan interrupts the ceremony and reclaims the presidency.

Greyjan - 416
    Greyjan the Sane
recplaims the Presidency from Romana.  The Matrix is completely taken over by the Paradox Virus and Gallifrey is conquered by the Faction Paradox.

The Doctor - N/A
    A paradox filled version of the Doctor (aka Grandfather Paradox) from 292 years in the future travels back in time and conquers Gallifrey for the Faction Paradox.  The current Doctor (only 1151 years old) breaks the Laws of time by exploding a bottle universe on Gallifrey destroying Gallifrey and erasing the paradox Doctor and atomizing the original Gallifrey.  Romana is killed.

The Gallifrey where Flavia had a long and successful reign (see The Eight Doctors)

Flavia - 414
    The Prydonian President, Flavia, has a long and successful reign on Gallifrey.   She probably rules for well over 200 years. 

At some point during the Time War this Gallifrey is destroyed. 
The One True Gallifrey which Rassilon later rules over.  Seen in the Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures Audios.
(see Sisterhood of the Flame
, The End of Time and Day of the Doctor)

Valerian - 414
    Valerian becomes President of a Gallifrey.

Rassilon will eventually assume control of Gallifrey near the end of the Time War.  This Gallifrey is trapped in a pocket universe by the Doctor.


The Gallifrey where the Master became War King
The Book of the War and the Faction Paradox Audios)

The Head of the Presidency - 414
    On Gallifrey VIII
a new Time Lord becomes the Head of the Presidency.  This occurs when the Doctor is 1056 years old.  He has fair skin and large black mustache, and is known for his stoicism.  When the Doctor is 1116 years old The Head of the Presidency tries to establish  the home of the Enemy.  He is killed by the representatives of the Daleks.

Umbaste - 415
    Academician Umbaste, who had been serving as Acting-President during the Head's absence, becomes the Lord President when the Doctor is 1116 years old.  He is known for being quite weak willed.   When the Doctor is 1145 years old President Umbast is stabbed by a Gallifreyan who is possed by Omega.  Lord Voran serves as Acting-President while he recovers.  Umbaste opens his biodata to the Eye of Harmony in an attempt to gain a vision of the future.  After a year in a fugue-state he repeated the word “One” again and again for several days and then disintegrated himself.

The War King - 416
When the Doctor is 1146 
the High Council erases all records of the Master’s criminal activities and appoint him to be the new President.  The Master (aka Koschie of the Prydonian House of Oakdown) is inaugurated as Lord President of Gallifrey - War King of the Nine Gallifreys. 

Centuries later, after witnessing the Dalek Emperor taking control of the Cruciform, the Master flees the Time War and travels to the year 10,000,000,000,000 AD.  He uses a Chameleon Arch to make himself human, taking thename Professor Yana.

At some point during the Time War this Gallifrey is destroyed. 

  The many names of TV's Timeless Timelord:
The Other
d3sigma x2
Theta Sigma
The Doctor
Doctor Forman
Doctor Who
Traveler From Beyond Time
Doktor von Wer

Doctor John Smith
Ka Faraq Gatri ("Bringer of Darkness" or "Nice guy -- if you're a biped")
Time's Champion
Karshtakavaar (The Oncoming Storm)

Doctor Jon Smythe

The Zonewalker
The Shadow Thief
The Trickster of Time
Vaughan Sutton
The Brotherhood of Doctors
 le Doctore
les betes aux deux coeurs (the devils with 2 hearts)
Shango the Lightning God
Fate's Accomplice
Raven Time Lord
The Savant
Jean Forgeron de Gallifrey
The Traveler from Beyond Time
Doctor VonFlair
Isha (Japanese for Doctor)
Life's Champion
The Eighth Man Bound
Doctor Bowman
The Evergreen Man
Foolish Wanderer
James Bowman
The Hanged Man
Dalek killer
The Great Scourge
The Living Death
The Executioner.’
The Blessed Destroyer (of Gallifrey)
The Lonely God
Dr Table
Doctor James McCrimmon
Sir Doctor of TARDIS
Doctor Vile
The Destroyer of Worlds
Passenger 57
Dark Lord
Time Lord Victorious
The Enmity of the Ages

The Soothsayer
The Mighty One
Little Truth-Seeker

    The NOUN of Rassilon List
Rassilon’s Cipher 
Rassilon's Red Wine
Rassilon's Reformation
The Bastards of Rassilon
The Black Scrolls of Rassilon
The Bowships of Rassilon
Circlet of Rassilon
The Coronet of Rassilon
The Equation of Rassilon (which allows travel in a time corridor)
The Foxtrot of Rassilon
The Game of Rassilon
The Great Days of Rassilon
The Great Key of Rassilon
The Great Seal of Rassilon
The Gauntlet of Rassilon
The Harp of Rassilon
The Horns of Rassilon (aka the Sign of Rassilon)
The Key of Rassilon
The Legacy of Rassilon (Regeneration)
The Loom of Rassilon's Mouse
The Pact of Rassilon (aka the Treaty of Rassilon)
The Portrait of Rassilon.
The Profane Virus of Rassilon
The Record of Rassilon (which includes the Directive of Rassilon)
The Ring of Rassilon (aka the Ring of Immortality)
The Rod of Rassilon
The Rule of Rassilon
The Runes of Rassilon
The Sash of Rassilon
The Scrolls of Rassilon
The Seven Strictures of Rassilon
The Signet-Ring of Rassilon
The Star of Rassilon (a crystal that was part of Rassilon's TARDIS)
The Time Scoop of Rassilon
The Tomb of Rassilon (aka The Tower of Rassilon)
The Triumphs of Rassilon

“Faction Paradox” to “Doctor Who” Conversion chart
Breeding Engines                      Looms
Caldera                                    Eye of Harmony
Casts                                        N-Forms and/or Shaydes
Eremites                                   Followers of the Pythia??
Evil Renegade                          The Doctor
Great Houses                           Time Lords
Hall of Addresses                     Panoptican??
HEM                                       Skin of the Cold
Homeworld                             Gallifrey (or Gallifrey VIII)
Interventionists                         CIA
Imperator Presidency               Morbius
Mal’akh                                   Vampires
Matter Altering Equations         Block Transfer Equations
Archemathics                           Block Transfer Mathematics
Protocols of the Great Houses  Laws of Time
Ruling Houses                          High Council
Timeship                                  TARDIS
War King                                The Master
War Queen                             President Romana
Yssgaroth War                        Vampire War / Eternal War
#-Form Timeship                    Type # TARDIS

  Humanian Era Relative Date Conversion
(3000 units = 1 year)
000000000 = 9482 BC
028444000 = 1 AD
034143989 = 1901 AD
034370119 = 1971 (20th century)
034396000 = 1985 AD
034397356 = May 15 1985 AD (20th century) 


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